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WORLD’S TOUCH was established in 1992.
As a member of Taiwan Gift associations, The company has been well-known now as one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of metal furniture, metal housewares and general merchandise. The products we mainly carry include metal computer desks, metal indoor furniture, metal storage shelf racks, wire household products, CD/DVD racks, candle holders, pewter frames and others.

Our operating strategy is to provide exceptional value to our customers by offering a unique combination of guaranteed low purchase cost and unsurpassed customer service. We keep on developing new products continually for our customers to sustain their market. We also work on customers’ OEM or ODM designs. You can be rest assured at all OEM or ODM designs will be treated exclusively.


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Did you choose to put your turn in the batter and make an investigation table or some other furniture for the house? Incredible. Made-to-gauge furniture, as a rule, spares space and, for this situation, cash. In any case, for the joke not to leave harmed, you have to take after some security tips.

Before setting off to a store to purchase wood, compressed wood, particleboard or MDF, measure the area well with the goal that you don’t need to cut the sheet at home, in this manner expanding the danger of the technique.

– If the decision is for the wood, it is important to sand the part toward the pole, to keep away from the presence of chips and fragments, that can hurt the client of the furniture – clarifies the specialist of the Housing Union (Secovi Rio) Orlando Sodré.

Knowing how to introduce and pick the right nails is additionally basic for the great workmanship and wellbeing of the client. So settle on headless items.

– It is essential to utilize nails in the measurements fitting to the pieces to be joined, and always remember to pass wood stick on the contact surface, for a decent obsession – instructs Sodré.

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